1. introduction belongs to SROMLINE (hereinafter “we”, “us”, “our”) is a company registered in Switzerland with the company number. We offer an online travel planning tool that provides various features to support travel planning.

2. Scope

These Terms and Conditions (T&C) apply to all users of our website and services.

3. Services

We offer several trip planning features, including a Trip Schedule Wizard, a Road Trip Wizard, a Packing List Wizard, and an AI Chat. Some of our features link to external services such as Google Search, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, and Booking.

4. Terms of Use

To use our services, you must create an account and be logged in. When you create an account, you will receive some free credits. When these are used up, you will need to purchase new credits to continue using our services.

5. Privacy

We do not store any personal data. Only the plans and lists you create are stored so that you can retrieve them later. Your input data and information are processed by external services such as OpenAI, Google and TripAdvisor.

6. Intellectual Property

The intellectual property rights to the content and materials on our website belong to us. Content and materials originating from external services or websites that are linked or embedded on our website belong to the respective services or websites..

7. Disclaimer

We assume no liability for errors that may occur during payment processing by the external service Stripe. In addition, we generally assume no liability, including the accuracy of the information generated by us or external services. We also assume no liability for products or services claimed through linked external services or websites..

8. Payment terms

In order to purchase additional credits, you must purchase them.

9. Price Changes and Credit Usage Adjustments

We reserve the right to change and adjust the prices of our services and credit usage at any time. Such changes will be made without notice and without the need for any consideration.

10. Termination Policy

You may cancel your account at any time. In case of abuse, we reserve the right to suspend your account.

11. Changes to TOS

We reserve the right to change these TOS at any time if we deem it necessary.

12. Contact

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us via the contact form on our website.

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